We're really excited by what we feel is the next phase in software.

Human-software interaction today is still very static. Data provided by current software, still requires additional analysis by people for decisions to be made. It's also really difficult to understand what data one should be focusing on. We wanted to change this and enable people to work in a new way. 

We decided to create Sphere to help businesses uncover valuable information from large data sets. Fueled by the desire to interface with a computer in an interactive environment, wanting more answers to our questions, not just more data, we built a software solution focused around the theme of intelligence.  

Our solution for marketing delivers a robust, customizable platform for integrating source agnostic data and optimizing omnichannel advertising campaigns via algorithms in a real-time environment. While in beta, we've supported political campaigns, entertainment releases, and the growth of various media companies. 

If you're interested in learning more about Sphere and our current software and services capabilities please send a message to sales@sphereinsight.com